Jul 13

Black Cat's Legacy

Thumper helps Kimberlee search for clues to solve her father's cold case murder. But someone doesn't want the truth to come out. The suspects are many, both living and dead. Kimberlee meets her soulmate.  Will she solve the crime and find true love before someone silences her forever? And why can't humans understand the clues when Thumper puts them right under their inferior noses. Publish date - March, 2014 Purchase on this site. Special price $13.00 and free shipping within the USA. Go to head BOOKS and purchase

Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer

Thumper meets Kimberlee's grandmother on a horse ranch in Texas. The lawyer and the stablemaster are plotting Grandmother's murder. But Grandma isn't so innocent either. She's trying to steal Kimberlee's child. Can Thumper intervene to prevent a murder before its too late? Coming soon - Fall, 2014

Black Cat and Angel's Journey

The cats are left behind after a dreadful MVA. Angel must help Thumper regain his memory and help their rescuers prevent foreclosure and ever increasing accidents on the EMU ranch. Thumper (Black Cat) learns about love, grief,  forgiveness and loss in this Christian mystery where the reader is apt to 'see themselves' as they experience these same emotions through his eyes.