Apr 23

The second Mrs. Odboddy mystery takes place on a train from California to Washington D.C.
Agnes is carrying a package to President Roosevelt. Sure that it contains 'secret war documents,' she fully expects to face Nazi spies determined to steal her package. She meets some interesting people, one of whom she believes has killed his wife and tossed her overboard!
She meets two Black soldiers on their way to the Tuskegee air base to train as pilots and grieves with them as they run afoul of the Jim Crow laws in Tennessee.
Once in Washington, D.C, Agnes faces the spiteful J. Edgar Hoover who is determined to thwart Mrs. Roosevelt's planned Pacific Island tour.
When Agnes comes face to face with the Nazi spy, she must accept that she is not as clever or as strong as she thought and questions her ability as a WWII home front warrior.

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