Apr 23

“A story isn’t a story if there isn’t a cat in it.” Elaine Faber

All Things Cat is a selection of Elaine Faber’s short stories about cats. Their stories take place in both past and present in diverse surroundings: Salem, Massachusetts, a pirate ship off the coast of Maine, a haunted hotel in the Sierra Mountains, Roswell, New Mexico, and the oval office in Washington, D.C., to name but a few locations.

The felines interact with extraordinary and remarkable characters including witches, leprechauns, a sewer truck driver, a hen-pecked husband driven to plot murder, and animal characters present at the birth of the Christ Child.

Some stories are self-narrated by a cat sharing most unusual circumstances–abandoned by his master, as the prize in an Old West poker game, routing a burglar in a WWII meat market, overcoming self-doubts about his hunting/stalking abilities, and adopting the First Family in the White House.

All Things Cat will delight the reader and provide a sneak peek into the heart and mind of cats from all walks of life. Elaine has brought both wit and tenderness to this charming collection of short cat stories. Several stories are excerpts from Elaine’s full length cozy Black Cat mysteries and WWII Mrs. Odboddy's adventure series.

To purchase the Ebook at Amazon for $2.99 go to http://tinyurl.com/y9p9htak