Apr 15

Black Cat and the Accidental Angel
Thumper and his companion are left behind at the scene of an MVA. Thumper loses his memory. His companion says, "Call me Angel, I'm here to take care of you." Why Angel won't share their history or tell him his real name is a mystery and one the ends in a surprising explanation.

(Hereafter Thumper is called Black Cat)
They are taken in by a family living on a vineyard and EMU farm near Nevada City., who experience impending foreclosure of their ranch. While Black Cat wants to leave the ranch and find their way home, Angel wants to stay and help the family resolve their financial troubles. Progressively harmful pranks aimed at driving them off the ranch threaten the child's safety. Why someone would want a virgin vineyard and a yard full of Emu's who haven't yet hatched an egg is a mystery... fully understood by the end of the story.
Daddy John prays for guidance and his prayers are answered through divine intervention.
Angel puts her life at risk to protect the child and Black Cat fears he will loss his only true love. As the reader delves deeper into the story, they experience Black Cat's human emotions of jealousy, despair, shame, sorrow, loss, faith in God, joy and acceptance. It is an intense journey of learning, as thrill follows thrill and in the end, Black Cat learns there are more important things in life than knowing your own name. BCAA_Cover_Front_for_web