Jul 13

Tires screech. The family car flips, sending Black Cat’s carrier careening down an embankment to be left behind in the aftermath of an accident. Reeling from a head injury and memory loss, Black Cat’s homing instinct convinces him that he can lead Angel, his charming and mysterious crate-mate, back home. The cats begin a journey only God could have planned—straight to John, the discouraged owner of an Emu ranch and vineyard in the Sierra Mountain foothills. Beset by imminent foreclosure and increasingly dangerous pranks that threaten his young daughter’s safety, John struggles to bring his Emu chicks to market and save his family ranch.

Angel believes her time on earth is limited and she must help Black Cat regain his memory, raise her kittens and find a way to help John save his ranch before God calls her home. She risks her life to recover a gold nugget, giving John the financial answer he needs.

Is it an accidental meeting or God’s plan when a stranger reveals a secret that provides an eventual reunion with the cats’ former owners? Black Cat’s heart breaks with a decision. He wants to go home to the child he loves while Angel wishes she could stay at the ranch with the child they’ve come to love.

Black Cat slumps on the sofa and pulls his tail over his eyes. "How can I be happy about something when the something I’m happy about makes someone I love unhappy? And how can I be glad to leave and at the same time, sad because I don’t want to leave? It sounds like one of those quiz show questions with no answer. That way, they don’t have to award the prize."

And, now that going home is a possibility, Black Cat’s memory is restored and Angel’s tasks completed, is he going to lose his lady-love?

Readers will laugh and cry as they experience, through Black Cat’s eyes, an emotional roller coaster of love, loss, grief and eventual joy.

Black Cat learns, with God in control, there’s always a happy ending.

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