Jun 15

(Excerpt from Chapter One)
Thumper peeked through the wire door. Outside, the tree tops whizzed past on both sides of the road. He sighed. Were they lost? I’m too tired to be lost.

After traveling all day with five year old Amanda, Brett, Kimberlee, her cousin Dorian and her potentially flea-ridden dog, Sam, not to mention his newly acquired cranky mi amour, he was about at his wits end with exhaustion. Lost? They weren’t really lost. He had faith in Brett. He’d figure it out.
The screech of crunching metal filled the car as the truck behind struck the rear bumper, flinging the back passenger door open. The SUV lurched sideways and swayed.

Thumper pitched forward. What the…? His body collided against Noe-Noe as the carrier toppled from the car. It crashed onto the asphalt, and then tumbled end over end down the twenty-foot embankment. Metal grating against metal drowned out Noe-Noe’s shrieks. Brett! Kimberlee! Amanda!

The world tipped upside down, then right side up. Thumper’s head reeled as the carrier plummeted down, striking again and again against the wall of rocks. Wham! His head whacked hard against the wall.
The carrier rocked to the side, and then lurched to a stop. The scent of rotten apples made his stomach turn. A fine mist of dust rose up and drifted in through the wire. He moaned and tried to lift his head. Noe-Noe?

Then, everything went black. ******

Thus begins a story of memories lost and love found when the cats are left behind at the MVA. Journeying home, they meet John and his daughter Cindy and are thrown into a topsy-turvy world of vineyards, emus and pranks that endanger Cindy. Black Cat (Thumper) wants to go home but Angel (Noe-Noe) wants to stay and help the family. Will Black Cat lose his soul-mate when she risks her life to save the child?

Available on Amazon in paperback and e-book or contact Elaine directly for a signed copy, $13.00 and free shipping within the USA.