Feb 16

Mrs_Odboddy_Full_Front (2)

In the setting of small town America during WWII, Mrs. Agnes Odboddy is an eccentric older woman who sees conspiracies and Nazi spies around every corner. She becomes involved with a black market scheme, missing Hawaiian money, a Japanese air balloon bomb and a suspected local Nazi spy. More chaos erupts when a long lost WWI lover returns to town wanting to re-ignite a romance and Mrs. Roosevelt comes to town. Agnes is called upon to prove she is, indeed, a hometown patriot and a warrior on the home front.

Planning to travel with Mrs. Roosevelt on her Pacific Island tour, Agnes is asked to carry a package to President Roosevelt. Sure that it contains 'secret war documents' she fully expects to ward off Nazi spies bent on stealing her package. Along the way, she meets a war veteran who unexpectedly lends her a hand, a woman traveling with a child, a man who appears to have murdered his wife, and is much too interested in her granddaughter, Katherine, already engaged to a doctor back home.
Only when she gets to Washington, D.C. does Agnes learn who is the real Nazi spy and faces a show-down that makes her realize the limitations she faces as and elderly woman, despite her sincere desire to be a home front warrior.