Mar 16

And Then There Was a Tiger


Then there was a tiger ….

As every author knows, we, who manipulate the keys on the computer are not always in charge of the words that end up on the page.

This AM, while working on my third Mrs. Odboddy adventure…which I must admit is coming along very slowly thanks to the characters dragging their heels with less inspiration than I’m used to getting from my imaginary crew…

In this final sequel, I had every intention to wind up the series, finalize the romances outlined in book one, bring the culprit from book two to justice, and have Agnes unravel another Nazi-conspiracy.
We were at a crucial point in the story where someone has framed my protagonist for burglary, another character was just whacked in the head, and another couldn’t decide which of two men she loved and … And then…there was a tiger. Literally! A living, breathing striped tiger!

Who knew?


Throw out the rule book. Toss away the outline. Forget the red herring that I was just about to add to page 109, because now…there is a tiger.
Not that this is the first time a character has changed the direction of my story, but I have to admit, this is the first time there was a tiger. Now I have to figure out what to do with a tiger, in small town CA, during WWII.

Really? Come on guys!

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this to some degree. How many of you, while writing your Great American Novel, (or facsimile) have had a plan for where a particular scene should go when suddenly…the character takes over and drives the scene in a completely unexplained or impossible direction?

6 Responses for "And Then There Was a Tiger"

  1. Fabulous! I wish a tiger would interrupt my story!
    I can't wait to read this new book. It sounds delightful!

  2. A tiger? That should be interesting. How on earth are you going to work a tiger into your plot? I'll have to wait and see.

    Shoko and Jean

    • Elaine Faber says:

      That's the problem Shoko. Who knew there would be a tiger? But if my character leads, I will follow. I'm sure the tiger has a major role to play in the plot. I just don't know what it is yet! LOL! ROAR!!!

  3. Your daughter 💋 says:

    Tiger rug with diamonds hidden inside the skull ???

  4. Elaine Faber says:

    Please! Poor tiger! He needs a happy ending, not as a rug in front of the fire.

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