Jul 13

Why Does my Cat Hate to Get Wet?

safe_imageFishing CatsIn the wild, cats are very lean. Fat helps an animal float and keeps them warm in the water. Since cats don't have much fat, they are not natural swimmers and their natural food source consists of small land animals. In addition, since Cat’s fur is dense, it takes a long time to dry, so a cat wants to avoid the discomfort of a soggy coat.

Not so, the Fishing Cat of the South Seas, Prionailurus viverrinus, a breed of feline with webbed paws and a preference for fish. Over the years, they stepped out of their comfort zone hunting land animals, and adapted to their environment−densely vegetated areas near water, rivers and streams in the South Seas islands, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Burma, and China.

 Although they will eat small mammals, they prefer fish. They approach a stream, tap their paw lightly on the water’s surface, mimicking an insect. When a fish is attracted by the movement, they dive into the water and catch the fish. Over the years, their bodies evolved to have partially webbed paws and long claws so they can scoop out fish, frogs or other prey. They swim underwater to stalk ducks and aquatic birds.

 The Fishing Cat ranges from 15 to 25 pounds. Their long, stocky bodies have short legs, a broad head, round ears and a short tail, with black stripes and rows of black spots marking their fur. They usually raise 2-3 kittens in a litter. Their vocalization is like the bark of a dog

 The Fishing Cat is endangered due to loss of habitat and being hunted for food and fur. People have drained wetland areas for farmland and roads where they lived. Pollution has poisoned rivers and streams where they once fed. However, the few in captivity, (see the Smithsonian Zoo video attached) are doing well, so we may yet be able to save this beautiful and unusual cat, one of God’s beautiful creatures.

 Author Corner: Do you actively promote your book, and attempt to increase your social media presence? Every day? Its takes time and work and cuts into our everyday lives. But why did you write the book if you won’t actively promote it? Random House isn’t likely to come knocking on your door. Get out there and do something every day to promote your book. Comment on a blog, write a blog, (start a blog), query an agent, make a new Facebook friend, pursue an interview locally. Whatever you can think of, just do it! 

Everyday folks: Like the Fishing Cat that stepped beyond his comfort zone as a land animal and found his life enriched when he moved into the uncomfortable water, why don’t you take a chance and move out of your comfort zone? Take on the chairmanship of a committee, learn a new sport like tennis or bungee-jumping (maybe not so much), take a cooking class or volunteer at a local charity. You’ll find your life enriched by your new experiences. What have you done lately to step out of your comfort zone?

16 Responses for "Why Does my Cat Hate to Get Wet?"

  1. Jim Callan says:

    Our cat has plenty of body fat. In fact, the vet says he is the heaviest cat he sees. But, he (the cat, not the vet) does have dense fur and it would take him a long time to dry.

    Hope this comment comes thru. I'm leaving it at 4:52 CDT on Friday, July 19.

    • Elaine Faber says:

      So you're saying your cat should be able to swim quite well with his pudgy body? Lucky cat. Maybe he can fish your fish pond. As a former cat breeder of Persians (in the 1970's) we bathed them weekly from kittens, so they got used to the water. Didn't like it but tolerated it. They never fished the pond however. thanks for your comments.

  2. Cindy Sample says:

    Hi Elaine. Releasing that first book is a giant leap out of one's comfort zone. Warts and all are exposed to the world. But what better way to meet new friends, on-line and off. Congratulations on your new website, Elaine. You can count on your comfort zone growing by leaps and bounds!

    • Elaine Faber says:

      My comfort zone has been tweeked so far this past year, I'm almost bending over backwards, but one must muddle on, what? Yes, the first book still awaits publication, but it's ready to go and I'm editing book two and three of the series. So if and when, we'll have things ready for the pipeline. Thanks for your encouragement and friendship. 🙂

  3. Marja McGraw says:

    Interesting information and I like the way you tied it into writing. Very nicely done!

    • Elaine Faber says:

      No that's not me. That is the template from Siteground (WordPress).I'll be adding my own header soon. Good luck on your website, it's quite interesting but challenging. Did you see the secnd blog, Does it Really Rain Frogs? Everyone is commenting on the Fishing cats. Thanks for your input.

    • Elaine Faber says:

      thank you for your encouragement. Did you see the second post about Raining Frogs? Wondering if it isn't printing. All my comments are about the cats. I'll keep adding posts about various Mysteries of the world and see how Ican tie it to writers and folks.

  4. Eileen Obser says:

    My cat, Boris (named by my son who was a Russian major), is a pretty hefty guy, but has never expressed interested in swimming.

    Is that you on top of your website, the brunette in the green shirt? If so, wow! I may have to borrow or cut and paste a beauty like that on top of my now-being-revamped website. Like you, my first book is awaiting publication, and I'm preparing all my promotion ideas while writing other "stuff." I've never blogged, but I'm getting ready, my friend...

    • Elaine Faber says:

      I thought I had replied to you, now not sure. Thanks for your interet. No the lovely brunette is not me! Just a theme from WordPress. Would love to hear about your promotion ideas as you work on them.

  5. Great post. My cat thought she could walk on water and in an agitated freight had to swim across the whole pool to get out. She's never tried it again. I guess she's not a fishing cat.

    • Elaine Faber says:

      Kitties can swim, they just don't like to. Yuk Yuk!!! Wet fur! Yuk! but Truffie fished my goldfish out of the bowl on the sink when I was changing it's water, so I guess she must be related to those 'fishing cats'

  6. rpg says:

    Awsome blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  7. Anonymous says:

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    • Elaine Faber says:

      Thanks for you kind comments. Hope you will subscribe and you can receive all my future blogs.

      • Elaine Faber says:

        Thank you for your interest in my site. I hope you will share with other friends you think might be interested. I just posted up another regarding Murphy's Law. What is Murphy's Law? Yuo have to read to find out! Elaine

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